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Ligaments of love

The occult tarots are special divination cards, we have the presence of the 72 spirits of Ars Goetia (Magia Ars Goetia). The response of the consultation takes place thanks to the Spirits that are evoked during the consultation of the Tarot.

Because it is also a Ligament of Love

when you do a cartomancy consultation with these Occult Tarots, it is possible at the end of the consultation to ask the Spirits who answered us (the cards that came out) to modify what was predicted.

If an unrequited love or a breakup or non-return has been predicted, it is possible to ask during the final phase, at the end of the consultation, to modify all this and to bind the desired person to himself. This is why it is a full-fledged Ligament of love.

It is very important that you listen to the videos on Youtube where I talk about these occult Tarots and not only why it can be considered a Ligament of love. (as long as the consultation was done for love)

Ligaments of love Guaranteed thanks to an Ancient Esoteric Secret handed down. You can operate in different ways the esoteric secret is applied to any type of ritualistic evocation of the Demon Spirits of Ars Goetia Black magic

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On September 20th I am in Dubai for 2 weeks

I will be in Dubai for fortune telling consultations to regular clients. Therefore anyone who was in the area or in the area could take advantage of it for fortune-telling consultations of occult tarots or sibyls or oracles, directly in physical presence. For appointments contact me directly on the phone or via Telegram or Whatsapp. You can also make an appointment for esoteric work.

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Fortune telling and Ligaments of love

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I always try together with my mother, an expert in Witchcraft and Cartomancy for over 30 years, to add esoteric knowledge and new opportunities to guarantee success to those who seek love by relying on the Paranormal and the Invisible. To those who believe in Esotericism and know well that it is a true reality. Visit my site often because in this special section if there are news they will be published and made available.

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Esoteric study and Cartomancy

In collaboration with a team of experts

Ajarn Guelan

Ajarn Guelan

perfectly knows the art of necromancy and spiritism for solutions in Love and Business

Aisha Zar

Aisha Zar

67 year old expert and my mother is a genetically born witch, out of love problems

Nickname Zirmat

Nickname Zirmat

he has been collaborating with me constantly for years, many Evocations rituals the two of us together

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Cartomancy Online Consultations: Tarot-Sibyl-Oracles

Expert in cartomancy, Cartomancer offers online consultations for Tarots, Sibyls and Oracles. In-depth consultation of Cartomancy .

Online Fortune Telling Expert Fortuneteller

I am an expert fortune teller and I know fortune telling very well and the profound meaning of the Tarot cards of the famous Sibyls and Oracles .

I also use the Occult Tarots , which are unique and special tarots, they are not simple Tarots that reveal our destiny, but they are a real esoteric magical ritual. These tarot cards represent the Spirits of Ars Goetia commonly known in the West as " Demons ", they not only provide us with a detailed account of the past, present and future situation, but have the power to change our destiny.

If from the cartomancy consultation , negativity is revealed in the near future, it is possible to ask the spirits at the end of the consultation to change the outcome of the predicted negative events.

If you have requested a consultation on love, and the outcome was negative, you can ask the spirits of the Occult Tarot cards who answered us to change the outcome from negative to positive. If the man or woman of your dreams does not love you or is not attracted to you, it is possible, at the end of consulting these Tarots, to ask to be loved and desired.

It is a real esoteric ritual of Request to the Spirits , and in this case it is correct to also call it " Ligament of love " or " Enchantment of love " or " Bill of love ".

The spirits of Ars Goetia can do anything, and its result is guaranteed as it is powerful Evocative Black Magic with a guarantee of Result.

bonds of love guaranteed thanks to My Secret, I can achieve any goal in love and make any bond of love successful. The secret is an ancient and very rare knowledge of Ars Goetia in synthesis it is the power to be heard safely absolved by the Spirit Entities of Ars Goetia. It is used in many forms but the result is always certain.

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Send me a message via Telegram or by e-mail. Video call with Telegram or Whatsapp for online consultations of Cartomancy and Esoteric Consultations. Contact me and let's make a video call. You can call me on the phone International Number at no cost, for verbal contact only. For those who need an Esoteric "Ligament of love" service, you can always contact me by phone, telegram or e-mail. Honestly, I prefer direct contact rather than e-mail, the contact e-mail is only for the webmaster and if you have to contact the webmaster, since technology today allows it we use Telegram or Whatsapp, and above all with Telegram you can leave video voice messages if I was busy, but I will be able to get back to you as soon as possible.
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